Garden of KWR Watercycle Research Institute

Nieuwegein, NL

KWR Watercycle Research Institute gets a new building on its grounds in Nieuwegein. In contrast to the anonymity of its current surroundings, the new contemporary research centre designed by architect cepezed, will be located at the back of the plot and is designed to be welcoming and transparent. Its innovative design will significantly reduce the building’s energy and water consumption. The building’s sustainability emphasis is further enhanced by the new landscape design done by West 8.

In line with this sustainable approach, the new building will be surrounded by an ecological garden, reminiscent of the contemplative greens of Oxford. The lush ecological garden will enrich the contemporary architectural design by creating a grand view for those inside the building.

The Mondrianesque composition of spaces, lines and rhythmic elements in natural setting will provide a visual feast for users. Moreover, the careful selection of local flora and fauna, such as; heirloom fruit trees and willows; meadows full of flowers to create a paradise for bees and butterflies will also provide an attractive habitat for some local species of pheasant and rabbit; a huge lily pond; a car park which is hidden from sight by cleverly arranged vegetation; and hedge of common hawthorns, which defines the boundary of the site are all examples of the sustainability theories espoused by the KWR being put in practice by West 8.


Aqua Redivivus, consisting of Van Wijnen, Kuijpers, Alkondor and Mourik