Harbor Tempelhof Berlin

Berlin, DE

At an abandoned former industrial used harbor site a commercial investor planned to realize a water related shopping mall. The new mall is partially located in a 19th century warehouse built in a typical Berlin urban style. The harbor and its surrounding buildings are appointed as industrial monuments. The warehouse with its industrial windows, gates and cranes on rails is the iconic center of the harbor site for which West 8 designed in 2005 the winning competition plan.

The Hafen Tempelhof site is attached to the Teltower canal. Harbor and canal are both situated 8 meters lower than the rest of the city texture of Berlin. The height difference divides the project area into two distinct places: The “Berlin balcony” with the main entrances to the shopping mall and the “Tempelhofer Hafen” which creates a nautical sphere.

In the harbor area, different restaurants and a children’s daycare are embedded in a world of cranes, rails, boats, steel fences, wooden boardwalks and natural stone quays. The aim of the design is to preserve the harbor’s historical heritage and at the same time to translate the change of usage into the logistics and needs of a contemporary shopping mall.

The balcony is created with typical Berlin materials: granite paving patterns and tilia trees. The balcony edge is defined by a transparent steel railing with a warm wooden handle. The railing invites visitors to enjoy the view over the lower maritime harbor site.


Grundstücksgesellschaft, Objekt Tempelhofer MBH & CO. KG


REM tec, SINAI, Inros Lackner