IJland (Almere Buitendijks)
2009, Almere, The Netherlands

IJland is the result of a collaboration between West 8, MVRDV, WMcDonough+ partners and the municipalities of Almere and Amsterdam. It's part of ‘Almere 2.0’; a strategy for Almere to grow from 19.000 to 350.000 inhabitants and improve its quality.

IJland combines railconnectivity, ecology, recreation and unique living environments with 5.000-10.0000 houses.

WEST 8 focuses on today’s situation as part of history, restoring ecology, improving the water quality. Building with nature and the lake IJ (IJmeer) as spatial quality for the region.

Adriaan Geuze, Riette Bosch, Felix Lauffer, Simone Nienke de Bergh