Inner garden University of Utrecht

Utrecht, NL

The inner garden or patio of the University of Utrecht is almost like a still life with Wysteria, Mulberry and soft, red seating elements. The clean cut architecture and square base of the patio form the ideal context for an introvert garden. One of the patio walls is made out of wire netting which is covered with a haze of Wysteria. The square base with large black pebbles is surrounded by large concrete slabs and has an edge of lily-of-the-valley.

Underneath the pebbels is a red glow which presents hell-fire. Large plane-trees grow out of this hell, vulnerable, twisted and distorted, leaning heavily on the red crutches. The patio can be accessed from the restaurant and at various points red donut-shaped seating elements are placed that encourage the visitors to become part of the still life.


University of Utrecht