Interpolis Headquarters
1997-1998, Tilburg, the Netherlands

The Interpolis headquarters lies on the main axis with the station area in the city of Tilburg. The garden covers approximately 2 hectares. It forms a calm and introverted world, separated from its surroundings by hedges and a dark green, steel fence with a holly leaf pattern. The garden is freely accessible for both employees and the Tilburg public.

The large scale of the headquarters required a compatible garden design. Large Douglas firs were chosen as a counterbalance for the tower designed by the architect Bonnema. The grass surface has a loose pattern of ‘tectonic shifts’, their edges defined by dark grey, concrete retaining walls. Elongated watertables of varying lengths (20- 85 metres) with ecology of water lilies and frogs form the central theme of the garden.

Their shifting orientation and nonparallel shapes create a strong, constantly changing sense of perspective in the garden. The garden is designed as a space for relaxation and enjoyment and as a space where employees can work in green surroundings. Computer connections in the garden provide electricity and access to the headquarters mainframe.

An elongated plateau of large, counter-shingled slate slabs has been laid out directly against the building. Every spring the blossoms from the magnolia grove spread across its surface punctuating the massive slate layering.

A folded, wooden bridge crossing the plateau connects the entrance square with the garden.

Interpolis Tivoli
Adriaan Geuze, Cyrus Clark, David Buurma, Edwin van der Hoeven, Erik Overdiep, Guido Marsille, Jan Paul de Ridder, Sibil Straüli