In close cooperation with the City of Hamburg and the district Wansbeck West 8 is developing an urban structure for the former casern of Lettow Vorbeck. On 29 hectares, a complete new quarter for living and working will be developed over the next few years.

Row houses with individual brick facades together with typical white detached houses will be arranged around four romantic public spaces. Together the new public spaces will serve as a district park comprising lawns with trees, pavilions, ponds and a water cascade. All storm water will be collected in small trenches along the streets to feed the water cascade and then flow into the central pond, which will act as a water retention basin.

Water is an important feature in New Jenfeld. Besides its sustainable and visually strong impact on the new area it also has an educational function for young children; they learn about the function and flow of the water whilst playing with it.

Other eco-friendly measures are the use of solar cells on top of the roofs of the buildings and high energy building standards that will help create a vital and responsible new quarter.

Jenfelder Au received an Award of Excellence from the IBA in October 2013, because “the concept of the project meets the criteria of excellence of the IBA Hamburg; it is characterized by outstanding quality, innovation and sustainability.”

For more information: IBA Hamburg – Jenfelder Au


Bundesanstalt fur Immobilienaufgaben


International Building Association Award of Excellence, 2013 

International Urban Landscape Award 2009, Winning competition design 2005