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A Serene Development Outside the Green Belt

Köln-Rondorf Nordwest, Cologne, DE

Developing a new district with rural flair and dwellings for around 3.000 people.

Köln-Rondorf Nordwest is located south of Cologne underneath the outer green belt park, which wraps around the city. Its location allows both a strong infrastructural connection to the city centre and direct addresses to the vast green areas that surround Rondorf.

Early on in the development, opinions and suggestions by a selected group of people from the neighbouring village of Rondorf were considered, allowing the design team to immerse themselves in their needs and desires for Rondorf Nordwest. The resulting product is a development plan that entails housing, several local amenities, a school, a kindergarten, and a high school. Single-family homes will just as much be part of the district as multi-story residential houses – some of which are publically financed. Enhancing infrastructural connectivity of the existing and extended district was a major prerequisite for the development on behalf of the municipality. Our concept will support both the local traffic flow and the connection to the city centre of Cologne.

West 8’s design pursues a layout with generous green spaces. The district will have a park in its centre, continuing the beloved green belt of cologne to the doorstep of many houses. As the necessary infrastructure is created, the design encourages people to use their bikes or public transportation over cars. A network of bike paths and a tram line will be woven into Rondorf Nordwest, and existing streetscapes will be altered to manipulate traffic flow. The resulting quiet neighbourhoods are characterized by front yards and individually designed houses, embracing their location in the rural periphery of Cologne.

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