Le Bélier Têtu

Geneva, CH

The project ‘Le Bélier Têtu'(the stubborn ram), also known as ‘Résistance’, is part of the manifestation ‘Genève Villes et Champs’, an annual event which focuses on the urban expansion of Geneva in relation to its surroundings.

Le Bélier Têtu acknowledges the unique qualities of the countryside and proposes a halt to the ever-increasing urban sprawl of Geneva. Le Bélier Têtu advocates urban densification and indicates potential locations and solutions in the inner city of Geneva. A huge inflatable ram <bélier> along one of the city’s main access roads is the symbol for the manifestation.

An independent website was also made for this project. Please see: www.lebeliertetu.com (no longer available)


Genève Villes et Champs