The Malecón Waterfront redevelopment serves a long term strategic plan to enhance the local identity of Puerto Vallarta and to promote its position in today’s tourism industry. The design of the kilometre-long waterfront encourages tourists and villagers to mingle, reinforcing the social heart of the old village. West 8 proposed a series of recommendations to the mayor in collaboration with Estudio 3.14 and Trama Arquitectos which were realised in a record period of just eight months.

To be able to create , pedestrians and their comfort were prioritized. A total of three-hundred Foxtail Palms were introduced and planted in a marine shaped inspired planter to generate shade. Additionally, a romantic atmosphere was created through the “The Moonlight effect” and it became a place where locals and tourists can mingle under the local vegetation with a view on the ocean, both day and night. This lighting strategy also avoids the disturbance of the local ecosystem; intensive lightning no longer disorientates the sea turtles hatching on the beach.

Still, it has kept its local character by embracing the traditional river stone paving technique with a design inspired by the local Huichol culture. This design is referred to as the “Mosaico Vallarta”. It was inspired by a masterpiece commissioned to the prominent Huichol artist, Fidenzio Benitez in which the artist narrates the Origin of Vallarta; a place where Motherland and Ocean meets.

By claiming identity and tradition of today in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, the Malecón waterfront exemplifies a role model in the Mexican Region.


Municipality of Puerto Vallarta


Trama Arquitectos, Estudio 3.14


Silver Award for Best Urban Design Project in the Mexican Republic, 2012