Miami Beach Convention Center Renovation and Public Space Design

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Situated at the crossroads of residential neighborhoods, the New World Symphony campus, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and Lincoln Road, the renewed 40-acre Convention Center district dramatically improves the day-to-day experience for residents and convention attendees alike.

West 8’s design for the Miami Beach Convention Center District dramatically transformed 40 acres of land, celebrating the Center’s position as the civic and cultural heart of Miami Beach. Profoundly impacting the day-to-day experience for residents and convention attendees alike, the design creates a lasting contribution to Miami’s expanding world class art and design culture. The project was part of the $515 million renovation and expansion of Miami Beach Convention Center. Working alongside Fentress Architects’ building renovations, the revitalized public spaces include the creation of 21st Street Park, Washington Avenue, Convention Center Drive and Pride Park.

One of the central purposes of the project is to recover and celebrate the District’s natural environment by adding 9.4 acres of vibrant new public space. A 50% net reduction in asphalt and building area gives way to an inviting, lush parkscape honoring the site’s layers of cultural history. It features a custom planting palette showcasing Florida’s unique native flora and botany, ample trees for shading, a ballroom terrace and a network of pathways to increase the District’s accessibility and connectivity.


21st Street Park’s ecologically sensitive green spaces incorporates a new eco-edge along Collins Canal, protects existing trees and adds 550 black mangroves to restore the habitat and native vegetation. The design anticipates sea level rise by establishing a living sea wall, a new littoral shelf and retaining wall which functions as a modern seating element. The 100-year-old Miami Beach story was enhanced by restoring the Carl Fisher Clubhouse, which sits proudly within 7,500 sq/ft of magical butterfly gardens.

The formerly car-dominated Convention Center Drive and Washington Avenues are now contemporary boulevards, allowing pedestrians to stroll underneath a series of 30’ tall relocated original Royal Palms. Furthermore, the impressive collection of art pieces make every visit to the District a memorable experience.

Photography: Critical Path Construnction, Robin Hill


City of Miami Beach


Fentress Architects, Arquitectonica | Consultants: Kimley Horn, M-E Engineers, Delta Fountains