Máximapark Bridges

Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, NL

West 8’s design for the 300ha Máximapark also includes a family of bridge elements, many of which feature unique detailing.

The different bridge typologies include; The Acorn Bridge, Wooden Japanese Bridges, The Lily Pond Bridge, The Ribbon Bridge, The Daisy Bridge, The pontoon Bridge and several temporary wooden bridges.

The Lily Pond Bridge
The Lily pond within Máximapark is spanned by an elegant arched bridge. An elevated icon, the bridge overlooks a large part of the Park and connects the strip of beech trees that extend from the north to the south side of the “Het Lint’’.

The Lily pond bridge features a modular system of cast aluminum panels with an abstract daisy ornamentation. A central motif within the park, the daisy pattern also features in the precast edging and is used to demarcate the bicycle and pedestrian pathways.

The Ribbon Bridge
The “Ribbon” is a 7m wide and 7km long path that loops around the entire park area. Like the lily pond bridge also features a modular system of cast aluminum panels with an abstract daisy ornamentation albeit on a smaller scale.

Both the Lily pond and the Ribbon bridges feature concrete edge elements that form an extension of the concrete retaining straps. These ensure the landing of the bridge connects seamlessly with the environment.

Het Binnenhof
Located in the center of the Park, ‘The 50 ha Courtyard’ features a network of waterways and channels which are crossed by two path systems. The straight paths which cross the water, are spanned by Daisy Bridges; delicate steel bridges with the iconic daisy railings.

The second path system within the ‘Binnenhof’ consists of organic wood chip paths which cross the water by means of wooden Japanese Bridges. The wooden bridges are a reinterpretation of traditional Japanese bridges painted by Hiroshige and found in the collections of the Nihonbashi Museum, Japan. Their solid form and understated configuration are a perfect complement to the natural surroundings.

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Project Bureau Leidsche Rijn


DESCRIPTION OF PARTNERSHIP: The design of Maximapark is a commission by the municipality of Utrecht. To organize the process and realize the park the municipality has created a leading office (Project Bureau Leidsche Rijn). This office makes use of consultants, that advise on certain issues (ecology, maintenance etc.).