New Holland Island

Saint Petersburg, RU

The historic island New Holland in the center of Saint Petersburg has been successfully redeveloped into a cultural destination with international appeal.

As one of Saint Petersburg’s most important and iconic historical monuments, New Holland Island was founded in 1719 by Peter the Great and the artificial triangular island has witnessed each of the city’s major milestones.

West 8’s award-winning first phase created new green public spaces, parks, bridges, event spaces, and carefully restored historic monuments, including cohesive lighting elements throughout for the addition of safe evening programming. The Island hosts a year-round cultural event calendar of performances, exhibitions, and music.

The development includes an inspirational play area modeled after a ship originally built by Peter the Great. ‘Petr and Pavel’ is a one-of-a-kind playground that offers children the chance to play across slides, ropes, canons, telescopes and steering wheels all inside a recreation which spans 26 meters long and 6 meters high.

The second phase of New Holland Island included the restoration and landscaping of an area of over 15,000m² along the Kryukov Canal (The Garden Walk) and around the buildings of Corpus 12.


In collaboration with Ludi Architects (interior design and pavilions); PJC Light Studio (architectural lighting); Linda Bird Landscape design (Garden walk); MOX Landscape design (Herb garden), Sergey Bukin (pavilions); Richter Spielgerate (Frigate), Alexander Frontov and Architects (Frigate), Spectrum Group, Ooo Ni & Pi,´SPETSRESTAVRATSIYA´, Neskuchny Sad


Leonid Leontev, New Holland: Cultural Urbanization