North Shore Open Space Park Preliminary Vision

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

In developing the North Shore Open Space Park Vision Plan, West 8 conducted extensive research, analyzed the site and context, and engaged with stakeholders and city staff to understand current park issues as well as priorities and goals for future park improvements.

Through this process, West 8 identified several key challenges that the plan would address, such as overgrown plantings, poor sight lines and safety concerns, worn-out facilities, and a lack of programming.

The result is a deep, holistic understanding of the park and the larger North Beach neighborhood and a vision that is underpinned by a series of design principles that establish the foundation for the main elements of the park and further define its identity within North Beach.

West 8 design vision will establishes a future framework that will
– Anchor the Park into an improved urban Framework
– Curate and preserve the Park’s natural costal condition and ecology
– Provide a series of alluring walkways
– Frame the Park with a ‘great welcome’
– Enhance and consolidate programming and uses

Having been awarded the Design Services for the Park, West 8 together with CGA will begin to develop the Vision Plan into a reality from 2016 onwards. Transforming the Park into a more connected, beautiful and functional landmark that meets the aspirations of the local community and the City.


City of Miami Beach