The Olivio range of luminaires and poles is developed in collaboration with German lighting manufacturer Selux and the sales department Selux Benelux. West 8 initiated around 2001 the design of the first generation fittings which resulted in the model “Brugge” and the slightly smaller model “Antwerpen”. The design of this first generation is improved in the past few years in both technical and aesthetical ways which resulted in the second generation named Olivio, as we know it from the Selux catalogue.

The Olivio range is wide; it contains luminaries, brackets and poles especially suited for outdoor spaces such as parks, squares and other urban situations. The bases of the range are the Olivio fittings: Grande, Medio, Piccolo and since recently the Grandiosa. The fixtures are applicable in various ways: as wall fittings, spotlights, bollard lights, which makes the range very flexible in its use. The material of the housing is cast aluminium.

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