Papendorp Business Park

Leidsche Rijn, NL

West 8 developed a strategy for landscaping the business park Papendorp, and have given the business park a strong, high-quality, green character that will develop across the years.

Papendorp is a 12.8 hectares, high-quality business and office park and part of Leidsche Rijn. The central office area, the ‘Taats’, is surrounded with a hilly landscape and, in addition to office buildings, the design envisions 1500 dwellings, sporting facilities, allotment gardens and a transferium (Park and Ride).

The individual buildings are bound together by the incorporation of large grass fields. Large trees, predominantly oak, have been planted in the grass, to provide vistas across the different parts of the park. Taking use of the strategic location of the business park between two main highways, the design places all parking either underneath individual buildings or in dedicated parking garages covered by grassy green hills.   This has enabled the whole area to be kept green and open in character.


Project Bureau Leidsche Rijn


Nominated for Rietveld Award 2009