Passerelle Station Roosendaal

Roosendaal, NL

The design of a footbridge across railway tracks in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, is a challenging task that aims at optimizing the viability and functionality of a large area surrounding the nearby railway station. The footbridge strengthens the relationship between the various urban precincts alongside the tracks and provides for a dialog in this context.

The bridge design is based on structural, functional and visual amenity determinants and a search for a strong character created by means of a simple construction. The proposed bridge provides an answer to this overall context by a balanced combination and integration of shape, structure and construction materials.

A design contest was organised by the municipality of Roosendaal to decide the final artwork to be used at both ends of the bridge. Artist Anna Niederbremer from Roosendaal created the winning design. Both ends of the passerelle are now decorated with a three-dimensional tree pattern sculpture made of steel.


1st Prize competition