The Peak is a light fixture designed by West 8 and developed in close collaboration with the German lighting manufacturer Se’lux International and Sel’ux Benelux. It is a very simple and elegantly formed pole top fixture for outdoor illumination in parks, on squares and other urban situations. The design consists of both a pole and a luminary. Many lamps and additional accessories are available for this catalogue product of Se’lux.

The total height is 5.7m. The main material is cast aluminium for the luminary and galvanized steel for the pole. The glass is made out of translucent or semi-translucent plastic.
In the past few years the Peak is used in several European urban situations such as: Lippensplein Knokke (B), Schiphol Airport Amsterdam (NL), Parc Jean Baptiste Lebas Lille (F), Falconplein Antwerp (B) and more realizations are up to come in the near future.

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