Plan Karekiet, Diezemonde

's-Hertogenbosch, NL

The challenge was an integral plan for the wastewater purification plant (RWZI) in which the new building is connected to the national park Diezemonde. West 8’s winning design “Plan Karakiet” shows how the RWZI can perform functions regarding recreation, tourism and nature education in a responsible and innovative manner.

Plan Karakiet adds a new recreational and educational attraction to National Park Diezemonde, formed by a marshland that buffers and purifies. Footpaths and bicycle tracks and recreational and picnic areas form a beautiful contrast with the inaccessible islands where flora and fauna can flourish. Three marsh islands will have a distinct identity: the islands that accommodate the plant, the central island of the new iconic HQ and the green jewel, the Hortus Concluses.