Prix de Rome 1990

Breukelen-Vinkeveen, NL

Adriaan Geuze’s design for the first stage of the 1990 Prix de Rome examines the potential for leisure facilities in the area between Breukelen en Vinkeveen on top of a rubbish dump of some 20 million cubic metres. The final picture is a terminal five kilometres long and 640 metres wide serving both the A2 motorway and the railway line, amidst a landscape of lakes generated by the sale of plots for recreation islands, making it an ideal stopping place for windsurfers and skaters.

The terminal feeds off investments put into the rubbish dump, in particular as regards access and the basic design. Crowning the head end of the terminal is a control room for centrally operating the 500 pumping stations in the ‘Green Heart’ of the Randstad conurbation plus an exhibition centre.


Prix de Rome


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