Roofgarden Four Lakes

Woerden, NL

The roofgarden is situated on the 3rd floor of a 6-floor apartment building. Surrounded by three overgrown walls, the roofgarden is a quiet, green space for the residents, with a beautiful view over the surrounding area.

The surface of 600 m2 is divided into two parts with a height difference of 1 m in the middle. The higher part, which is the roof of the buildings’ central hall, is covered with a lightweight moss/sedum vegetation. This part of the garden is only accessible for maintenance. The lower half is designed as a wooden deck with a configuration of bird shapes, filled with curvy strips of sea shells.

The height difference between the two garden parts allows for the placing of a wooden wall with long benches.

Wooden plant containers are placed along the building facades and are filled with 3 types of climbers.