De Suikeras runs from the inner city via Aweg and Hoendiep to the Suikerunie Terrain, and extends all the way to Hoogkerk. It’s a very important axis for Groningen, since a considerable amount of the anticipated city’s growth will be accommodated here. The Suikerunie Terrain itself will be developed into a complete city quarter, with 5.000 dwellings, many services, a park, and a train station It is an opportunity to build a climate adaptive piece of city from scratch, and to sustainably transform the current urban axis.

Groningen is a growing city with a central position in the province. In an expanding city, climate adaptation, connectivity and quality of life are key. However, enhancement of the urban environment and adaptation to climate change, require space. This is only possible when we rethink urban transport and connectivity. The space currently used for cars and asphalt should be reclaimed to make Groningen a greener and more resilient city.

For more information, see the project website: Sponsland.


Initiative: Municipality of Groningen, Province of Groningen in collaboration with GRAS Curators: Peter Veenstra, Yttje Feddes