Taichung Gateway Park

Taichung, TW

The Taichung Gateway Park is situated within Shui Nan Ecological Gateway District, a rapidly developing neighborhood near the city of Taichung. In order to accommodate both local and foreign visitors, the approach to this park design requires correlating multiple design priorities.

This park represents different stories about Taiwanese daily life, and the richness of Taiwan’s natural environment. It renders visible a unique local history, and nourishes the potential of cultural life in the presence of a powerfully iconic tower, two major museums and a movie center and a commercial and business center.

The design of the park is divided into six areas with distinct atmospheres; The Orchard, The Babylon Stones, The Cascading Waters, The Bouquet of Culture, The sport facilities and The Wetland Gardens. Arrayed in sequence, they gradually blend into one big linear park with a total length of 2.5km. Flowing and retaining water is one of the key themes of the park, stitching together the different atmospheres of the park with bodies of water, further creating the illusion of the Taiwanese landscape with swift cascades, gentle creeks, a meandering forest river and striking reflection ponds.


the Construction Bureau, Taichung City Government


Old Farmer Architecture Co.


3rd Prize of the competition