The Park at Essex Crossing provides a refined, shaded oasis in the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, an area that hosts a diverse community with an abundance of vibrancy and diversity. It is the marquee park within the six-acre, 1.9 million square foot Essex Crossing Development, one of the largest urban developments in the history of New York City.

The Park at Essex Crossing, designed with help from residents of the Lower East Side, reflects the top desires of the local community: access to nature, a playground, safety elements and flexible seating. The 15.000 square foot park features an entirely native palette of trees and groundcovers, from majestic Honeysuckle trees to Blueberry shrubs. They are located in raised planters around a central open plaza. Layers of canopy and understory trees, swaths of woodland planting, and vine-covered vertical plantings create a woodland garden in the city.

Meandering geometries and an oblong central gathering area give the illusion of a larger park, while also offering flexibility for small events and performances to occur simultaneously.


A Shady Oasis in the Midst of Manhattan's Concrete Jungle

At the southwest of the site, younger visitors will discover a playground featuring wooden animal springers, a freestanding mini net and an undulating balance beam allowing for boundless exploration and interactive play. Multifunctional planter edges offer seating throughout the park, with robust wooden details that are both comfortable and offer a soft antidote to the typical concrete of the city. A community table area at the Broome Street edge offers seating for larger groups or the opportunity for families to sit and gather a table in the Park.

Photography: Barret Doherty, Noah Deveraux


Delancey Street Partnership


Beyer Blinder Belle | Consultants: AKRF, Rodkin Cardinale Consulting Engineers, DeSimone Consulting Engineers, Illumination Arts


ULI-NY’s Excellence in Mixed-Use Development Award