The Petr and Pavel ship

New Holland Island, St. Petersburg, RU

A one-of-a-kind playground, modelled after the hull of the frigate ship The Peter and Pavel. This playground helps immerse children directly into the history of the island and its founder, Peter the Great.

The children’s playground in New Holland is one of the new main attractions of the island. Built at 80% of the original scale and measuring 26 meters long and 6 meters high, the original ship was built by Peter the Great himself in Holland. This new ship has been outfitted in-keeping with the traditions of Russia’s master shipbuilders. The interior space was divided into several levels of play spaces, each in accordance with all the standard safety measures. Here the island’s littlest visitors will find themselves as proper sailors amid slides, ropes, canons, telescopes and steering wheels – all elements that immerse them directly into the island’s history. Next to the ship is a small shelter designed to allow parents to comfortably keep an eye on their children as they play.

Designed by West 8 in collaboration with Richter Spielgerate GmbH /AFA Alexander Frontov and Architects, this playground is meant for children of all ages.


New Holland Development and IRIS Foundation


Richter Spielgerate GmbH /AFA Alexander Frontov and Architects, Ship design consultant: Poltava werf; Construction: Peura


VII Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture in category Best Realised Object of Environmental Design