Traverse Emmen

Emmen, DE

The existing Noorderdierenpark zoo is located in a semi-forested peninsula in the busy centre of Emmen. Because there is no room for expansion at this location, plans for the future involve a double park separated into two parts by a shopping area and the busy Hondsrugweg but located less than a kilometre apart.

As a connection between the two parks, the Traverse has been developed as a partly elevated pedestrian area that winds through the rugged architecture of the shopping centre. The slate-covered path floats over the heads of the shopping public some 5 metres above the ground. The Traverse has its own expression and interesting variety over its entire length as the overhang and rails continue to be transformed and the roof splits and splits again, varies in width, rises and dips. The ends are located in specific urban locations.

The Traverse aims to be a unique attraction in the inner city of Emmen. Inflexible, charismatic, a logotype, an imaginative object. The object itself as well as the walkway above it is an experience in its own right thanks to the panoramic views of the church and other high buildings and in the other direction the landscape of the ‘Es.’


Gemeente Emmen