Tverskaya Street Revitalization

Moscow, RU

The Tverskaya Street Revitalization project is the result of a strategic alliance between the public and private sectors. West 8, together with Strelka and Moscow Government, have worked intensively on the new profile of the street to create a green passage and well-connected urban boulevard that acts as a comfortable space for pedestrians.

Located in the heart of Moscow, Tverskaya Street is the main and probably best-known radial street in Moscow. Powerful neo-classical palazzos are situated next to luxurious Stalin-era shops and restaurants. Since the post-Soviet period, the capital’s splendor attracted new investments, which are apart of Tverskaya Street’s image today: triumphant, stately, vehicle dominated, ceremonial, and luxurious.

The team also designed the public realm of three squares situated at Tverskaya Street: the Square in front of the Telegraph building (Tverskaya street crossing with Gazetny line), Izvestiya square and Bolshaya Bronnaya square.

Optimizing pedestrian and vehicular traffic

For centuries, Tverskaya was a great entrance to Moscow’s city centre. In the early 20th century, it became a wonderful and prestigious boulevard. Today, Tverskaya Street is considered Moscow’s Champs-Élysées, with frequent parades, festivals, and luxurious shops lining the expensive shopping street, and functions as the centre of the city’s nightlife and entertainment. However, in its previous state, the street was completely dominated by cars and was in need of revitalisation.

Authorities of Moscow intend to stop the process of urban erosion, namely the vehicular dominated traffic, and sought to courageously give space back to the pedestrian and vital programs of the plinth. Based upon the recently updated Moscow Government Transport Department’s traffic scheme, West 8’s new design simultaneously optimized and reorganized the pedestrian space along the facades. The pedestrian plinths have been extended up to 3.25 meters wide, creating a safe and pleasant pedestrian access to all the ground floor amenities. The materials were carefully selected, and have created a timeless and authentic world-class identity for the street.

Creating a natural urban landscape

Another feature of West 8’s new design is to bring back greenery to this main gateway of Moscow. The reconfigured boulevard provides pedestrians with shade and a sense of seasonality. This project has transformed Tverskaya from an undefined and uncomfortable traffic dominated urban street into a world-class city space, a dignified destination in the heart of Moscow.

The design incorporated innovative and advanced engineering solutions, including root protective irrigation systems that will improve the survival rate of trees, custom made paving materials and durable custom-designed urban furniture.


Moscow Government together with Strelka KB


Qatar Sustainability Award 2018 (as part of 'Moscow Street' program); III International Festival “The House on Brestskaya Invites: Architecture, Design, Landscape 2020” Award