Urban Star

Philips and West 8 introduce a new standard in urban lighting. This is where engineering and design meet in sustainability.

The organic shape serves both an asymmetrical and symmetrical silhouette when approaching the object. The transformation from day to night inverts the experience from outer-curve to the inner-curve which is optimised to accommodate the LED engine.

The LED engine is optimized to reduce power consumption and still fulfil its job within the current standards of the market today. Due to smart projection of the integrated lenses the light is brought exactly where it is needed most. As the LED technology is continuously updated, the housing is designed to accommodate future developments. The engine today is already more efficient than traditional lighting. The return rate is expected to drop more over time. The monolithic appearance and detailing reduce maintenance and blends easily in any environment.

Urban Star, a watchful eye that safeguards the urban realm of tomorrow. It is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2012.




Red dot design award 2012