Valley of Desire Biennale Venice

Venice, IT

As part of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition “Out There: Architecture Beyond Building”, West 8 participates in “Uneternal City. Thirty years after Roma interrotta”. This is a specific section in the Artiglierie dell’ Arsenale dedicated to the city of Rome. Together with eleven other Italian and international design studios West 8 was asked to re-imagine the City of Rome. Within this scenario, every design studio has chosen an area or theme to explore. The intended image is that of a Rome of the future, in which architects open new observation points on the landscape, changing reality with its own ideas and vision, with an often critical but sometimes enchanted eye.

Valley of Desire

The project of West 8, ‘Valley of Desire’, is an antidote to the suffocating experience of Rome, a cure for its failing heart, a remedy for its spirit. It’s a place of multiple delightful experiences along the river Aniene. To breathe in fresh air and to experience the valley in all its variety, there are special wooden bicycles and vespas available at multiple points along the journey between the Colosseum and Villa d’ Este. Guided by the sound of the water and inspired by the light reflected, one will travel through the valley discovering the spaces and shedding the inhibitions of the city.


Aaron Betsky, Venice Biennale