Voronezh Central Park

Voronezh, RU

A Park for Everyone

West 8’s strategic master plan for the future Central Park envisions the creation of a great green space that is open and attractive for all citizens of Voronezh City and its surrounding region. It aims to create a new destination for the leisure and social activities.

The park design features the radical transformation of the northern area of the territory. After years of degradation and pollutions, the new design will reinvent the Central Park by strong landscape interventions that can transform the park area into a lush and joyful green setting that promotes social gathering and park use. It will be a park where visitors can enjoy leisure activities in close contact with native nature, providing a memorable and unique place for visitors.

The design amplifies the site’s unique topographical condition to diversify 
the occupation of the park, presenting different characters and uses for the upper slope of the forest and ‘The Valley’ river bed areas, resulting in different characters for the different zones ranging from urban and programmed oriented to nature centered zone.

The four key themes of the park design include:

THE URBAN BOULEVARD – for FAMILY LEISURE AND CULTURE – The Phase 1 of the Central Park, already reconstructed, will be complemented with a collection of extra pavilions that will enhance
 its urban character as a family park area while keeping the rest of the park in a more naturalised character. New cafes, kiosks, shelters for kids, shops, or educational spaces will also contribute to nuance the construction and maintenance of the park.

THE WATER WALK – for LEISURE IN AN SPECTACULAR SETTING – The Water Walk runs on the lower part of the park, parallel to a stream of water that is punctuated by a collection of spectacular water features and ecological areas, that transform the site into a place of natural beauty.

THE ACTIVITY LOOP – for SPORT ACTIVITIES IN NATURE – The Activity Loop will be a 3 km long circular track at the forest slopes middle height, suitable for the practice of sports activities such as hiking, jogging, mountain biking, and cross country. Along its way, intermediate spots for picnic and leisure areas will be accommodated.

ECOLOGICAL SPINE – for BOTANY-FARM-NATURE – The Forest slopes of the park will be strongly reconnected with the Forestry University of Voronezh, through a series of garden terraces and a collection of new pocket lawns that will be replanted with new species enhancing the biodiversity and seasonality. A farm and fruit tree orchards will stimulate direct contact of younger children with wildlife and nature.


The Department of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Voronezh Region