Waterfront Rorschach

Rorschach, CH

In 2003 West 8 together with Vehovar Jauslin Architekten won the competition for redesigning the Bodensee waterfront in Rorschach.

The most important design aspect is the creation of empty space directed towards the lake because nothing has had greater influence on the history of Rorschach than the Bodensee.

It is not only a well-designed public quay that is easily accessible and situated at the city’s edge, more importantly this created emptiness is a gift for the spirit. A place for dreams. Where early morning fog hides the sea. Where water sparkles under the bright afternoon sun. A sense of foreboding in the heavy weather combination of dark clouds and angry waves. And sometimes, a tranquil place with an amazing view.


Stadt Rorschach


VJA, Delux AG, Wälli AG Ingenieure