Waterrijk Woerden

Woerden, NL

The City of Woerden has the ambition to transform Waterrijk into a unique part of the city with its own strong identity. The commission posed a true challenge due to the municipality’s search for architectural diversity.

By implementing a number of different housing types,  a diversity of residential typologies was created. The location on the waterside enabled the masterplan to connect to the urban ambiance of the traditional Dutch water towns. A key aim of the masterplan was to enable housing typologies which provide fantastic views of the water.

Water is an integral part of the development allowing small canals to connect into existing larger waterways. Bridges emphasize the location of connecting infrastructure, which cross the canals. The ambition for Waterrijk is to provide high quality living space where children can play whilst enjoying there natural surroundings.

The area is split into two parts: the ‘Villapark’, with a density of 20 dwellings per hectare and the ‘Islands’, with a density of 55 dwellings per hectare.



City of Woerden