Zhangjiang Art Park – Formerly Innopark

Pudong, Shanghai, CN

West 8 has started since early 2017 phase 2 of the development of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Northwest Area urban upgrade master plan: Zhangjiang Innopark. It is a 156 ha of public park within the 455 hectare of the revitalisation development conceptual master plan designed by West 8 in 2016.

West 8’s design for Innopark uses the landscape and the pedestrian realm as frameworks for the neighborhood. By adopting a ‘green frame’ strategy, it aims to function as a catalyst that fosters further re-development of its urban neighbourhood. 

The L-shape Innopark located at the Zuchongzhi Road of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park will serve as a buffer zone adjoining the northern boundary of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. It provides an environmentally friendly pedestrian and cyclist circulation, a slow lane with excessive greenery. This ecological friendly integrated design will provide an open landscape for public enjoyment, at the same time, woven with strategic placed landmarks and local open space which form a common space shared by the community for diverse activities or seasonal events, providing users with different type of open green area for different relaxation. Vast area of the park surface is strategically designed to be covered by water. During the wet seasons, it will also serve as a flood retention pond.

This lineal park of natural recreational space with pedestrian friendly design will not only benefit the ecology of the area, it will also improve the social sustainability of the semi public zone along the adjesent buildings’ plinths, encouraging the organic growth of social inclusiveness of the area, breaking down the isolation of individually enclosed buildings in this area which are currently often bounded with high fenses and security check.

This new and vibrant public park will encourage people to congregate, enhance the landscape character and coverage of greenery of the area. In addition an extensive network of pedestrian walkways and cycle tracks will link up major activities nodes. They will serve to promote the sustainable life style in this urban area, dedicating to the improvement of living quality both in environmental terms and social inclusiveness.


Municipality of Shanghai Pudong and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Company (上海张江高科技园区开发股份有限公司)