Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Northwest District urban upgrade

Pudong, Shanghai, CN

The Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is an 455 ha. industrial neighbourhood established in 1992 in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. It is operated by Chinese national enterprise Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Company and nicknamed: ‘China’s Silicon Valley’. The park is currently serving 110 research and development institutes, 3600 enterprises and more than 100,000 commuters specialised in research of life sciences, software, semiconductors, and information technology.

With the influx of enormous number of highly qualified technological and scientific talents in recent years, the dated mono-functional industrial urban development of the 20th century has proven inadequate to meet the needs of the current newer generation of Zhangjiang disctrict commuters. A work-life balance quality life style has become highly demanded by the growing numbers of skilled professionals.

In this conjunction, the Municipality of Shanghai launched in 2016 a urban revitalisation framework and announced the Zhiangjinag Innovative Park Revitalisation Strategy, aiming for an ultimate urban transformation and landscape upgrade in Zhangjiang Hi-Teach Park. In fall 2016, West 8 has been appointed to design the first revitalisation area which will focus on the Northwest area, the earliest developed district of Zhangjiang Hi-Teach Park.

By introducing higher density and urban diversification with a densified traffic network and street profiles, West 8’s new urban design master plan aims to enhance the urban identity of specific areas and maximises the urban public space for the higher quality. It creates a pleasent environment fostering interaction between users and enhances the visual openness of the area. The design strategy is focusing on three main aspects:

  • Zuchongzhi Road identified as the commercial axis and key urban public space;
  • Using the ‘green frame’ strategy to further stimulate the urban structural upgrade development
  • Improvement on circulation to activate a urban green space network in an sustainable approach;

Following up this master plan conceptual design, the project has entered the Phase 2 development: Zhangjiang Art Park, an innovative public park derived from the Phase 1 development area, located at the Western end of Zuchongzhi Road. It is being identified as a catalyst to forster further re-developments.


Municipality of Shanghai Pudong Xinqu and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Company (上海张江高科技园区开发股份有限公司)