Reporting on progress: Refurbishment Rotterdam – The Hague Airport

Strategically located between Europe’s City for Peace & Justice, and Europe’s largest harbour, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport services a vast amount of scheduled flights to European business centers and tourist destinations. What makes the airport attractive for travellers is its efficiency, excellent facilities, pleasant service, easy access and convenient parking, right in front of the airport.

The airport’s popularity is evident in the tremendous increase of numbers of passengers: from 1 million to 1,7 million over the last 5 years. For this reason, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport decided to commence upgrading and extending its terminal buildings, with new ‘air-side’ arrivals and baggage handling halls which opened earlier this year.

In spring 2016 West 8 became involved in the masterplanning process for the project. Adriaan Geuze has been instrumental in the sequential development proposals for the airport. Currently the first phase of construction of the terminal’s forecourt and arrival/departure area is under construction, which includes a reconfiguration of the public realm and the arrival area and an optimisation of traffic flows and parking provisions. These images show the work in progress, including the reconfigured public transport interchange, increased arrival space/pedestrian room, temporary raised lawns with seating edges and Magnolia plantings. The next phase will be the reconstruction of the short term carpark facilities, including shade tree planting and associated amenities.