September: a month full of activities at the Schouwburgplein!

The Schouwburgplein, one of West 8’s earlier works and currently undergoing a revitalisation, has a largely unknown historical context. Appearing as a strong industrial design, the square refers to various elements of the history of Rotterdam, especially its harbours, truly puts itself as the heart of Rotterdam.

During September, many events took place at the Schouwburgplein. Starting with a ballet performance by Scapino on the 6th, the square became the centre stage for a series of activities. Soon after, it was followed with hot-air balloons and an orchestra concert for the Gergiev Festival, and the World Port Days which celebrated the maritime history of Rotterdam. Currently the square has been taken over by exhibitions.

Once again the Schouwburgplein truly belongs to the citizens. Together with an appointed square manager, West 8 hopes to bring the festivities back to the square.