Station Area Den Helder reaches the Height of its Transformation

The transformation of the station area in Den Helder has reached its pinnacle with the planting of new trees and the installation of a series of artworks.

The station area is a gateway to the maritime town of Den Helder; a place where visitors are welcomed and where residents come home after their day of work. This first experience of Den Helder is inextricably linked to memories of the sea and maritime elements such as wind, water, fishing, shipbuilding, the navy, and the beach.

The new station area will have a green and inviting character, which caters to slow traffic (cyclists and pedestrians,) whereas motorized vehicles are treated as “guests.” The atmosphere is pleasant and enjoyable with attractive views and sightlines to the surrounding city. Paths are lined with blossoming and colorful indigenous plants. Hardy trees provide leafy shade on sunny days and shelter on windy days. Comfortable benches are available for those who need a rest.

The newly planted trees are elms: Ulmus Dodoens and Ulmus Homestead. The artworks are by the sculptor Yair Aschkenasy. They depict various local crafts and represent the historical ties between Den Helder and the former Willemsoord shipyard.