Städtebauliches Kolloquim at TU Dortmund

Last Tuesday, the 24th of April, Karsten Buchholz spoke das Städtebauliches Kolloquim (colloquium on urban design) at the Technical University of Dortmund, on behalf of West 8. He attended the session on Metropolitan Landscapes where he held a lecture on ‘Second Nature’. He contributed to the discussion on the influence of industrialisation in landscape practices.

Das Städtebauliche Kolloquium consists of a series of three discussions wherein each of them has a separate topic: metropolitan landscapes, infrastructure and urbanism, and building culture and the regional area in its totality. 2012 is a celebrative year as the well-known planner Robert Schmidt developed the General Settlement Plan (also known as Generalsiedlungsplan) 100 years ago. It also raises the urgency to reconsider the strategy for the agglomeration in the Ruhr. These lecture series will highlight potential future development strategies for the Ruhr in context to other European Cities and Regions.

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