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Strijp-S wins prestigious Golden Phoenix

Announced on the 4th of June, at PROVADA square in Amsterdam, the 2013 awards recognize the three most outstanding examples of Area Transformation, Renovation and Transformation in the Netherlands. Strijp-S was awarded the Gulden Feniks (Golden Phoenix) award in the Area Transformation catergory.

Deputy jury chairman Jack de Leeuw thinks the record number of entries this year (92) demonstrates an “unambiguous increase in attention to the existing” building fabric. Submissions were rigorously assessed against a range of criteria, namely: durability, sublimation, sustainability, economy, innovation and social value. “We’re looking for real innovations” says sustainability juror “ Andy van den Dice. The Golden Phoenix is the only award in the Netherlands which is exclusively for the existing built environment.

Strijp-S was praised for its “very gradual phasing, not only physically but also in duration. The crux of the project’s success lies in the good, comprehensive cooperation between the municipality and the commercial market, resulting in a flexible zoning.” Such an approach was made possible because Strijp-S was one of the first projects to be notified in the Area Development Plans under the Crisis and Recovery Act.

The flexible zoning fits perfectly with the design concept for the site, which has transformed Strijp S into a creative urban domain by integrates living, working and play in a high density area. Limiting demolition of the building fabric in advance was a very deliberate decision; it created time to consider what the developments could bring and provided enormous opportunities for temporary use. Impressive examples are the former laboratory building and the temporary Bosch headquarters. Final word goes to the judges who consider Strijp S to be a development which “has seen the light.”

See the jury’s full report on the Area Transformation category


6月4日,在阿姆斯特丹PROVADA廣場上宣布,Strijp-S榮獲2013年的金鳳凰獎。此獎項旨在表揚荷蘭國內區域改造項目,更新項目和改造項目三個範圍的最突出的例子。 Strijp-S榮獲2013年的區域改造項目金鳳凰獎。

副評委會主席傑克德的萊烏認為今年參與甄選的項目數量破往年記錄(92)演示了一個明確的現象:“關注現有的建築結構”有明顯的上升催勢。評審團對提交甄選的項目進行一系列的嚴格評估標準,即:耐用度,昇華度,可持續性,經濟效果,創新性和社會價值。 “我們正在尋找真正的創新”可持續發展的陪審員說:這是在荷蘭唯一專為現有建築環境而設的獎。


靈活的分區改造非常適合這地方的設計概念,讓Strijp-S轉化成一個融匯生活,工作和娛樂的高密度集成區,發揮創意城市的最優化慨念。限制提前拆遷建築物結構是一個非常謹慎及明智的決定; 為拆遷後可帶來什麼樣的發展提供了足夠的考慮時間,臨時使用創建更多可能及機會。令人印象深刻的例子是前實驗室建設和臨時博世 (Bosch) 總部。評委們認為Strijp-S擁有極端遠見的設計發展圖。

評審佈告可於此下載 (荷蘭文)。