Brittany Duguay

Project lead

Brittany Duguay is a project lead with expertise in campus landscapes and heritage sites. Brittany excels in shifting between scales – masterplan and the intervention. She leads cultural masterplans across the US, such as the Nasher Sculpture Garden at Duke University, Longwood Gardens, and North Bayshore in California. In parallel, she brings a sensibility and appreciation for park design, urban landscapes, and gardens that facilitate community inclusiveness, cultural awareness, environmental activism, and nature-based practices. While based in the North American office, Brittany practices internationally, collaborating closely with founding partner Adriaan Geuze and the Netherlands Team.

Brittany’s experience includes all phases of project implementation. In the recently-executed 132 acre Houston Botanic Garden, she played a critical role in both design and construction. As the on-site construction administrator, Brittany oversaw day-to-day activities for 9 months of the project’s execution. In addition to her technical sensibilities, she led the design team in the conceptualization of the Garden, in particular the Waterwalls area. Through inspirational design, the project was executed due to successful fundraising and community outreach efforts, allowing Brittany to understand the intricacies of non-profits and the processes of capital campaigning.

Through endowed fellowships, Brittany has conducted research on many international urban river systems at the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture, where she graduated summa cum laude and received the prestigious Edgar F. Shannon Award. To complement her professional career, Brittany continues her passion for nature and ecology through painting. She carries an affinity for art, culture, and sublime landscapes, contributing to juried art exhibitions across the US.



Houston Botanic Garden, Longwood Gardens, Duke University, Google North Bayshore