Sofia Charro

Project lead

Sofia Charro specializes in resilient, climate-adaptive, and performative landscapes that protect and connect communities to their environment. As a project lead at West 8, she plays a key role in strategic thinking and working culture amongst the offices and ongoing projects. She contributes to a wide range of projects, including large-scale masterplans, waterfronts, and campus designs within urban environments. Sofia fosters interdisciplinary, collaborative spirit and (eco-)sensitive approaches to design, embracing strategic cultural awareness in combination with performative natural environments.

Sofia has worked on a range of local and international projects across all stages, from concept to execution. Sofia played a critical role in The Stacks Development in Washington DC, a walkable community-centric public realm design that is expected to be completed by 2025. In addition, she has recently led the team in developing a new vision for the 8.5 km of waterfront along the Uruguay River in Paysandú. In parallel, Sofia leads a variety of innovation large-scale masterplan projects in Silicon Valley. She is focused on developing a science-based framework for adaptation and envisioning a new way of work-life for highly innovative firms.

Sofia is a licensed architect from the Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism in Argentina (CEPAU) and completed her studies at the University of Buenos Aires and the Polytechnic University of Madrid. As part of a collective effort inside and outside the workplace, Sofia works to amplify Latinx voices within our landscape architecture community. She was recently featured in the Landscape Architecture Foundation perspectives interview series.



Houston Botanic Garden, Google Green Link, Google – Downtown West Mixed Use Plan, Paysandú Waterfront Masterplan