Tommy Dorian

Office Business Manager

As West 8’s North American Office’s Business Manager, Tommy plays a critical role, contributing to successful operations of the US Office while also attending to the needs of the full design team. His responsibilities include collaborating with the financial department as well as overseeing the day-to-day office logistics and administration. Working behind the scenes, Tommy aims to cultivate a functional, well-balanced, and inspiring workplace environment, allowing his colleagues to focus their energies and talents on creating compelling designs. Going above and beyond, Tommy’s support is felt by all members of the design team.

Tommy is an expert in multi-tasking, and his duties vary in scale and discipline. From office-related tasks, such as scheduling and agendas, organizing business meetings, trips bookkeeping,
to site-related activities, delivering design material, full-scale mock-ups, tree tagging and installation exhibits such as West 8’s Irma Logs at Design Miami.

Outside of the office, Tommy continues to embrace the cultural spirit and the urban environment, of cities. He enjoys attending performances, experimenting with cooking, and exploring new spaces by bicycle. Prior to West 8, Tommy worked in an array of diverse fields, allowing him to gain expertise in multi-tasking and cross-discipline collaboration.



Studio, Installation, Mock-ups and delivery, Team and Culture