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The Hills on Governors Island Officially Open to the Public

On July 19, 2016 The de Blasio Administration, Former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, and the Trust for Governors Island announced The Hills on Governors Island are open to the public July 19, adding 10 new acres of public space for the City of New York. Following a ribbon cutting ceremony, New Yorkers and visitors eagerly explored the Hills and their new landscapes, public art, play areas, slides, and extraordinary 360 degree views of the New York Harbor, Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey skylines, and the Statue of Liberty. Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, elected officials, community leaders and the public attended the ceremony. (To see more images of the ceremony click here)

Designed by West 8 urban design & landscape architecture, the Hills are the culmination of the award-winning Governors Island Park and Public Space Master Plan, and Phase 1 of the Park and Public Space project. Rising 25 to 70 feet (8-21 meters) above the Island the Hills offer an extraordinary 360-degree panoramic experience of the NY Harbor.

The opening of the Hills marks a major milestone in the transformation of Governors Island from an abandoned military base into an iconic destination for New Yorkers and visitors alike.

Over the past 13 years, Governors Island has been transformed from a relic few New Yorkers knew about and even fewer visited into one of the most popular parks in our city – or any city,” said Former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “The Hills are an extraordinary addition to the island that will inspire New Yorkers and visitors for many generations to come – and they are a powerful testament to what can happen when public servants, architects and artists, and generous supporters all work together to bring a common vision to life.”

The Hills are constructed of recycled demolition debris, general fill and lightweight pumice, stabilized with geotechnical reinforcement and covered with shrubs, trees and grassy lawns. While the Hills provide striking vistas and comfortable settings for relaxation and play, they also improve the island’s resilience in the face of increasingly dramatic weather patterns and rising sea levels.

“Sculpted topography works in concert with winding pathways and trees to create ‘conceal and reveal’ vistas, choreographing the park experience,” said West 8’s Design Director Adriaan Geuze. “It maximizes the sense of anticipation, pulling a visitor through the park or signaling a place to sit and stay just a bit longer. The topography defines the very character of the area.”

As previously announced, the Hills are opening nearly a year ahead of schedule. The four Hills embody all that makes Governors Island unique:art, play, nature, relaxation, and views:
Grassy Hill is a 26-foot high gentle, grassy slope overlooking the Island’s new and historic landscapes and the Manhattan skyline;
Slide Hill, at 36 feet high, is the home of four slides, including the longest slide in New York City;
• Discovery Hill, also 39 feet high, features a site-specific sculpture Cabin by the internationally recognized British artist Rachel Whiteread and first major permanent public commission in the U.S.; and,
• Outlook Hill provides universally accessible paths and the Scramble, constructed out of reclaimed granite seawall blocks, to reach the Outlook. Here, 70 feet above the Island, visitors have unforgettable views of the New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty and the skylines of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Jersey City.

The Hills are home to more than 860 new trees and 41,000 new shrubs planted in new high-quality topsoil and protected from brackish groundwater by the new topography. The planting of each of the four hills is designed according to the micro-climates: varying degrees of slopes, exposure to sun, salty-spray, and prevailing wind and to accentuate key view corridors. The new lawns,
plantings and permeable paving also reduce erosion and storm run-off, while allowing for water collection and irrigation.

“Our Hills are the culmination of an eight-year collaboration with West 8 and the many New Yorkers and visitors who contributed ideas to this ambitious project,” said Leslie Koch, President of the Trust. “The Hills are a triumph of imagination, state-of-the-art engineering and smart design that will ensure access to beautiful green space, the waterfront and incomparable views of the
Harbor for years to come.”

The completion of the Hills has received widespread media acclaim including features in the New York Review of Books, The New York Times, Wallpaper, The New Yorker, The Guardian and Wired, among others.

The Hills are open for the summer season daily from July 19 – September 25, 2016, Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday/Sunday 10am-7pm. For more information, visit


在2016年7月19日The de Blasio Administration,前紐約市長邁克爾·布隆伯格和總督島信託基金宣布總督島的「山丘」自7月19日以後令紐約市增加10畝新的公共公園空間。繼剪彩儀式,紐約市民和遊客熱切地登上「山丘」和探討他們的新景觀,公共藝術裝置,遊樂區,幻燈片和紐約港,下曼哈頓,布魯克林和新澤西州的天際線和自由女神像自由女神形成非凡的360度全景。住房和經濟發展副市長艾麗西亞格倫,前市長邁克爾·布隆伯格,民選官員,West8首席設計高伊策和各社區領袖及公眾出席了這個隆重的剪綵儀式。 (要查看儀式點擊更多圖片在這裡

由West 8設計,「山丘」是屢獲殊榮的總督島公園和公共空間總體規劃和公園第一期與公共空間項目的高潮。提昇超過25至70英尺(8-21米)的島山,創造了紐約港的一個非凡的360度全景體驗。


在過去的13年裡,“總督島已經從紐約歷史遺跡鮮為人知的小島轉化為我們的城市最受歡迎的公園之一” 前紐約市長邁克爾·布隆伯格說。“總督島「山丘」將激勵紐約人和未來許多代的遊客。我們公僕,景觀師,工程師,藝術家與各方的支持者一起努力帶來了共同的理想生活空間。”


“在地形協同工作與迂迴的路徑和樹木雕刻打造「隱藏和顯示」極目遠景,編排遊園的經驗,West 8的設計總監高伊策說。 「這最大限度地期待感,令遊客在公園標致的地方坐下來,享受更長一點在島上的時間。此新地形為紐約海港再定位。”


  • 草坪山-是俯瞰島的新的歷史景觀和曼哈頓天際線的26英尺高的柔嫩草坡;
  • 滑梯山-在36英尺高,有是四個巨型滑梯,其中包括在紐約市最長的滑梯;
  • 發現山-有39英尺高,裝置了一個由國際著名的英國藝術家懷特瑞德的雕塑;
  • 展望山-提供路徑和由回收花崗岩海堤石塊構造出的攀石徑,到達這裡,有70英尺以上,遊客有紐約港,自由女神像和曼哈頓,布魯克林和澤西城的天際線組成的令人難忘的美景。


“我們的「山丘」是與West8和許多紐約市民和遊客的八年合作,各人貢獻這一宏偉項目的構想之巔峰之作” 總督島信託基金的總裁萊斯利·科赫說。“構想山丘群是我們想像力的勝利,是國家的最先進的工程,是智能的設計,將確保今後幾個世代能獲得美麗的綠色空間,海濱和港口的無與倫比的景觀。”

小山的建成,受到媒體的廣泛好評,包括在 New York Review of Books, The New York Times, Wallpaper, The New Yorker, The Guardian, Wired 等等。