Tianguis, Mexico’s main tourist fair, to showcase El Malecon

Currently, the 37th edition of the ‘Tianguis’, Mexico’s Main Tourist Fair, is taking place at Puerto Vallarta for the first time. After 37 years, the Ministry of Tourism Affairs took the initiative to rotate the event around the Mexican territory in different locations. Puerto Vallarta won the candidacy for this year for its great effort and its role model in upgrading its tourism infrastructure and major investment following the Strategic Plan of Mayor Salvador Gonzalez Resendiz

The Municipality of Puerto Vallarta is proud to showcase ‘El Malecon’ for this mayor tourist fair as a demonstration of their capacity to upgrade and compete among the tourist market in Mexico and in the rest of the world. The Malecon showcases the awareness and importance of public space design in a contemporary way, right in the heart of the old town of Vallarta. Malecon managed to integrate the local heritage without disrupting cultural values, thus enhancing its local authenticity.

On Monday 26 of March, a cocktail party will be open to the public to celebrate this mayor achievement, together with the celebration of the Tianguis tourist fair sponsored by the Mayor office and the Director of tourism of Puerto Vallarta.

For further information on the Tianguis, please see en.tianguisturistico.org.