TV META/SW/Technum in collaboration with West 8 wins the Design Competition for University of Antwerp

West 8 teamed up with TV META/SW/Technum for the design competition for the auditory and laboratory building O at the University of Antwerp. On 3rd, October, it was announced that West 8’s team won the competition phase.

The design for the new building stresses its central and multidisciplinary function at the campus and forms the heart of the campus. West 8 will act as consultant to TV META/SW/Technum on the Masterplan of the campus area.

The new O building functions as an enhancement to its surrounding landscape and buildings; strengthening the quality of its original landscape legacy. The existing landscape elements – such as the edges of the wood, ditches and the orthogonal grid – will be emphasized. The connection between the scattered plots will be intensified by a green plinth surrounding each building in the campus.