Bridges and Pumping Stations of Noordwaard

The Noordwaard is one of the key areas of the National Dutch project Ruimte voor de Rivier (Room for the River). This ​​4450ha polder... more

Pedestrian Bridge Wenduine

The Pedestrian Bridge at Wenduine provides a safe traverse over a busy provincial motorway and double tramlines. The bridge, a true... more

Bridges of Noorderpark

West 8’s two bridges to connect the Volewijkspark with the Florapark, combining both into one Noorderpark.... more

Passerelle Station Roosendaal

The design of a footbridge across railway tracks in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, is a challenging task that aims at optimizing the... more

Cascara Bridges

Creating a place where the river is really experienced – the Cascara bridges link both the river and the community together.... more

Pedestrian bicycle bridge Aarschot

The winning design of West 8 and BAS-Dirk Jaspaert for the new pedestrian bicycle bridge, that will span the rail tracks in Aarschot,... more

Footbridge Centraal Station

In June 2004, Team CS, a collaboration of Benthem Crouwel Architekten, Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten, and West 8 urban design &... more

Garden of 10.000 Bridges

Gardens tell a story: they combine poetry and narrative. The Garden of 10,000 Bridges represented human life; the path of people’s... more

Máximapark Bridges

West 8’s design for the 300ha Máximapark also includes a family of bridge elements, many of which feature unique detailing. The... more

50 Bridges Vathorst

West 8 together with Kuiper Compagnons made a Masterplan for the Vinex site Vathorst in Amersfoort. The public space is dominated by the... more

Country Estate New Rhijngeest

Country estate “ New Rhijngeest” is the geometrical centre of the new office and residential area in Oegstgeest and connects the new... more

Bridge Vlaardingse Vaart

The new crucial connection in the urban and recreational bicycle network calls for a strong identity in the area. By virtue of its location... more

Simcoe Wavedeck

The Simcoe WaveDeck, one of four uniquely Canadian wavedecks planned for the Waterfront Toronto, is as artistic as it is functional.... more

Rees Wavedeck

Following in the footsteps of the Spadina and Simcoe WaveDecks, the Rees WaveDeck is the third in a series of four urban docks –... more

Spadina Wavedeck

Spadina WaveDeck is the first in a series of timber structures that explore variations of a simple articulation in the change in level... more


The Herenpolderbrug is situated on the edge of boroughs Hoboken and Kiel within the old petroleum harbor south of the center of Antwerp.... more

Traverse Emmen

The existing Noorderdierenpark zoo is located in a semi-forested peninsula in the busy centre of Emmen. Because there is no room for... more

Emscher Bridge

West 8 exhibits a sculptured parapet, a new air lace, which replaces the old one on the western side of Emscher Bridge on Schlossstrasse in... more