West 8 designed a somewhat restrainee but surreal landscape for an empty space near the Sloterdijk railway and bus station in Amsterdam.... more

World Sustainability Centre

The Afsluitdijk (IJsselmeer Dam) is an impressive landmark as well as a representation of innovative and historical engineering. Its value,... more

Irma Logs

‘Irma Logs‘ are benches made from recycled tree trunks debris of the recent hurricane Irma. ... more

Urban Star

Philips and West 8 introduce a new standard in urban lighting. This is where engineering and design meet in sustainability. The organic... more

Park Pergola Máximapark

The Park pergola in the Leidsche Rijn Park is thé place where nature and culture come together. This botanical and ecological pergola... more

Water silo Beersel

A water droplet levitated by forest trees. In a contemporary way the new water silo symbolizes it’s function. A drop of water adapts... more

Brandgrens – Rotterdam War Memorial of WWII

Rotterdam Brandgrens – Rotterdam War Memorial of WWII – marks the areas of the city that were destroyed by the... more


In 2000 the City and Port of Copenhagen gave West 8 the mandate to create a masterplan for a residential and office neighbourhood called... more


The Peak is a light fixture designed by West 8 and developed in close collaboration with the German lighting manufacturer Se’lux... more


West 8 designed a generic range of luminaires and poles for manufacturer Selux.... more

Courtyard of Parkvillas (Mulberry fences)

The courtyard of the Parkvilla’s is part of the residential campus Chassé-terrein. It consists of a configuration of diagonal planted... more

West 8 Timber Seat

Now, 30 years since the long linear timber seat was constructed on the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam, the bench concept as an outdoor... more