Houston Botanic Garden – Phase 1

The first phase of The Houston Botanic Garden has transformed the island, and the adjacent south gardens on the opposite side of the Sims... more

Houston Botanic Garden – Botanic Beginnings

As a next step of West 8’s Master Plan for Houston Botanic Garden completed in 2016, the design development for Phase One,... more

Eighty Seven Park

Working in collaboration with Renzo Piano Building Workshop, West 8 has designed a series of private, public, and semi-public spaces for... more

Novartis Shanghai Campus

The poetic inspiration for the Novartis Campus lies in the beauty of the rural orchard, beholding a diverse array of warm colors, gently... more

Longwood Main Fountain Garden

West 8’s work on Longwood’s Main Fountain Garden builds upon Longwood’s first-ever physical master plan, which was completed by West... more

Duke Sculpture Park

West 8’s completed vision plan “The Three Valleys: An Iconic Sculpture Park at Duke University” brings identity and... more

Jubilee Gardens

The Jubilee Gardens underwent a major transformation to mark Queen Elisabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012. The park, a... more

Vander Park Residential Landscaping

Vander Park is a high density residential complex located in the west of Moscow in the Kuntsevo district, at the intersection of... more

Houston Botanic Garden Master Plan

West 8’s Master Plan for Houston Botanic Garden articulates the potential future for the Garden over the coming decades. The Plan takes... more

Bernie Spain Gardens

West 8’s design features two illustrious pollinator gardens at its heart enclosed by an intimate garden-like setting complete with a... more

Longwood Gardens Masterplan

Longwood Gardens’ first-ever physical master plan is a visionary document tasked with transforming Longwood Gardens into one of the... more

Garden of Time

As part of the Beijing International Horticultural Exposition 2019, West 8’s ‘Garden of Time’ is a... more

The Qur’anic Botanic Gardens

West 8 is responsible for the design of the new Qur’anic Botanic Gardens, which were proposed by UNESCO and accepted by HH Sheikha... more

International Garden Show, Hamburg

Designed to make visitors examine issues of water shortage and abundance these three intertwining gardens visually illustrate the world of... more

Koudekerke, Knokke Heist

This design is a dynamic composition of volumes with tilting façade patterns, which seamlessly flow into a streamlined, public parkland.... more

Roofgarden Four Lakes

The roofgarden is situated on the 3rd floor of a 6-floor apartment building. Surrounded by three overgrown walls, the roofgarden is a... more

Holland Green Residential Development & British Design Museum (Former Commonwealth Institute Site)

West 8 is privileged to have the opportunity to work on the site of the former Commonwealth Institute.  The development consists of an... more

Schloss Eybesfeld – Glyzinienhof

Today, Schloss Eybesfeld, a former baroque edifice which has been refurbished in multiple stages is a spacious park featuring picturesque... more

Garden of 10.000 Bridges

Gardens tell a story: they combine poetry and narrative. The Garden of 10,000 Bridges represented human life; the path of people’s... more