New Holland Island

The historic island New Holland in the center of Saint Petersburg has been successfully redeveloped into a cultural destination with... more

Yongsan Park

The new Master Plan for Yongsan National Park proposed by West 8 + IROJE has been developed through an interactive process that has... more

Toronto Central Waterfront

Master plan for the revitalization of the Toronto waterfront... more

Nieuw Crooswijk

The late 19th and early 20th century neighborhood Nieuw Crooswijk was transformed in an effort to compete with the city’s suburbs by... more

Den Helder city center

West 8’s strategic design (2006) to revitalize the city centre of Den Helder and reposition it towards the sea, proposed several key... more

Governors Island Park and Public Space Masterplan

The Governors Island Park and Public Space Master Plan proposes a dramatic transformation of this once-abandoned island and accentuates the... more

Freiham North

Located on the western outskirts of the city of München, Freiham North underway to become an attractive new residential district for... more

Madrid RIO

The city of Madrid dug 43 kilometres of tunnels into which the exit routes and motorways of the six-kilometre section along the River... more

The New Hondsbossche Dunes

The Hondsbossche en Pettemer Zeewering was reinforced in 2015 with 30 million cubic meters of sand, after which it was renamed to... more

Groene Loper – A2 Maastricht

In Maastricht, the A2, a motorway that cut through the city for years, has been brought underground and the area on top of the tunnel has... more

Houston Botanic Garden Master Plan

West 8’s Master Plan for Houston Botanic Garden articulates the potential future for the Garden over the coming decades. The Plan takes... more

Fort bij Vechten – National Waterline Museum

Fort bij Vechten was constructed between 1867 and 1870, is one of the 46 fortresses that make up the Nieuwe Hollandsche Waterlinie (The New... more

Voronezh Central Park

A Park for Everyone West 8’s strategic master plan for the future Central Park envisions the creation of a great green space that... more

Waterrijk Woerden

The City of Woerden has the ambition to transform Waterrijk into a unique part of the city with its own strong identity. The commission... more

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Northwest District urban upgrade

Urban upgrade of a dated mono-functional industrial district from the 20th century Shanghai to a ... more

Longwood Gardens Masterplan

Longwood Gardens’ first-ever physical master plan is a visionary document tasked with transforming Longwood Gardens into one of the... more

Sagrera Linear Park

A new green diagonal axis is projected into the core of Barcelona due to the burial of the existing railways with the arrival of the new... more

Schuylkill Yards

Working with Drexel University and master developer Brandywine Realty Trust, SHoP and West 8 will transform 14 acres of existing... more

Reconversion EAI, former School of the Infantry

This grandiose park, situated on the former grounds of the School of the Infantry, complements the rich history of contemporary urban... more