Buenos Aires “Rioparque”

The proposal transforms an underutilized area into a space for relaxation, contemplation, and community engagement, making it a valuable... more


De Suikeras runs from the inner city via Aweg and Hoendiep to the Suikerunie Terrain, and extends all the way to Hoogkerk. It’s a very... more

Governors Island Park and Public Space Masterplan

The Governors Island Park and Public Space Master Plan proposes a dramatic transformation of this once-abandoned island and accentuates the... more

The New Hondsbossche Dunes

The Hondsbossche en Pettemer Zeewering was reinforced in 2015 with 30 million cubic meters of sand, after which it was renamed to... more

Freiham North

Located on the western outskirts of the city of München, Freiham North underway to become an attractive new residential district for... more

The New Afsluitdijk

West 8 is working as a landscape architect for Levvel (a joint venture of Van Oord, BAM and Rebel) on the improvement one the most... more

Bridges and Pumping Stations of Noordwaard

The Noordwaard is one of the key areas of the National Dutch project Ruimte voor de Rivier (Room for the River). This ​​4450ha polder... more

Ecole d’application de l’infanterie – Reconversion EAI

This grandiose park, situated on the former grounds of the School of the Infantry, complements the rich history of contemporary urban... more

World Sustainability Centre

The Afsluitdijk (IJsselmeer Dam) is an impressive landmark as well as a representation of innovative and historical engineering. Its value,... more

The Valley – Schiphol Trade Park

Building upon West 8’s 20 year involvement in the master plan for Schiphol Airport, West 8 in collaboration with KCAP has been... more

The Giving Delta

Most coastal settlements occupy a tenuous line at the edge of water and land. They are strategically positioned on the ocean’s edge, but... more

Blue Dunes: The Future of Coastal Protection

“The Blue Dunes”, Team WXY/ West 8’s Final Proposal for the Rebuild by Design Competition... more

Veddel North Deichpark

Revitalization of  an urban community and surrounding dike park on the south banks of the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany. West... more

Guangzhou Huadi Sustainable Master Plan

West 8’s winning entry provides the city a fundamental and sustainable masterplan and vision for a site area of 2050 ha. of new... more

Garden of KWR Watercycle Research Institute

KWR Watercycle Research Institute gets a new building on its grounds in Nieuwegein. The building’s sustainability emphasis is... more

IJland (Almere Buitendijks)

Ia holistic vision of rail connectivity, ecology, recreation and unique living environments with the development of 5.000-10.0000 houses.... more

Mooi Zuid-Holland!

After the Second World War, the socio-economic development of South Holland impoverished the landscape. The province developed itself into... more

Plan Karekiet, Diezemonde

The challenge was an integral plan for the wastewater purification plant (RWZI) in which the new building is connected to the national park... more

Ecological District Ile Saint-Denis

The winning design of West 8 and ING-Bremond for a new ecological district just outside of Paris emphasizes the insular character of the... more