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Urban and Landscape Upgrade concept design for Shanghai Zhangjing Hi-Tech Park unveiled

The Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is a technology park established in 1992 in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. It is operated by Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Company, a Chinese national enterprise, and has a nickname: ‘China’s Silicon Valley’. The park is currently serving 110 research and development institutes, 3600 enterprises and more than 100 000 commuters specialised in research in life sciences, software, semiconductors, and information technology.

With the influx of such large number of highly qualified technological and scientific talents, the dated development of this mono-functional industrial district from the 20th century has proven inadequate to meet the needs of the newer generation of Zhangjiang disctrict for a work-life balance quality life. In 2016, the Municipality of Shanghai launched a urban revitalisation framework and announced the Zhiangjinag Innovative Park Revitalisation Strategy, aiming for a ultimate urban transformation and landscape upgrade in Zhangjiang Hi-Teach Park. In fall 2016, West 8 has been appointed to design the first revitalisation area which will focus on the Northwest district, the earliest developed district of Zhangjiang Hi-Teach Park.

With collaboration between municipality and private land owners, this proposal aims to create a multi-functional urban areas with diverse structures of different cultures and lifestyles, to catalyse an energetic ‘dense street networks and open neighbourhood’ for improving the living qualities of this demonstrative area.

The urban upgrade anlysis was presented in November 2016 and perceived by the municipality with full satisfaction. West 8 has hence been appointed for the further development of the proposed upgrade strategy. This project is currently ongoing and will become a demonstrative project for the rest of the Zhangjiang Innovative District. The next project development is anticipated to be unveiled early next year in 2017. 

More information can be found in a public announcement of the project (in Chinese) here.

West 8 張江西北區域城市規劃兼景觀提升概念設計方案進展順利

West 8 自 2016 年第四季開始受委託為張江西北區域城市規劃兼景觀提升概念方案負責城市及景觀設計。


West 8 以問題為導向,將採取三項措施:提高建築密度,混合各種使用功能;增加路網密度,優化道路空間;明確城市公共空間等措施,來提高張江城市社區品質,激發城市生活功能。與此同時,通過引入「祖衝之路商業軸心」,「城市綠色畫框」,「活力社區」三個概念,將此區域從技術導向、封閉花園、低密度單一產業的城市空間向人文導向、公共開放空間、混合功能的城市社區轉變。